About us:

The best Gate way to supply all food and food related demands.

About us:

Foodna is the first food news agency in Iran which its activity focused on giving information and since 2005 the major part of it, is on information and media in food industry.

Mission & Vision

In nowadays era, needs of information is very desired ,so that,Food na as an information centre had tried to reach the place to be applicable for its readers as best.

On the other hand food industry has located to the platform to feel the necessity of having independent media. According to the background and precedent in food information ,Foodna as a reputed media in the mentioned industry has launched Food News Agency in Iran,with the following addresses




However the most activity of this business is concentration on collecting ,compiling ,processing and providing news but advertising and promotion as well as holding event and exhibitions are another tasks which are going on in this organization.

Foodna is a private limited media in Iran which can be the communication bridge between the world community trade.

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